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sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2008

Mortal Sin - Mayhemic Destruction

Mortal Sin - Mayhemic Destruction

Year: 1987
Genre: Thrash Metal/Speed Metal

1. The Curse 02:22
2. Women In Leather 04:49
3. Lebanon 07:22
4. Liar 04:19
5. Blood, Death, Hatred 03:54
6. Mortal Slaughter 03:13
7. Into The Fire 04:41
8. Mayhemic Destruction 05:12

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Probably the best known speed/thrash metal performer from Australia ever, Mortal Sin caught some serious attention with their debut album. Mayhemic Destruction has a laidback, rhythmic sound that was quite characteristic for the band. The music is certainly not the heaviest or fastest around, but somehow the relaxed, almost uplifting feel starts to win you over after some listening. Considering their style, Mortal Sin were not that different from their American counterparts of the time, except for their "happy" sound. As a memorable exception from the more easy-going material, the heavy and frantic title track is a definite highlight of the album.

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